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Founded in 1950, Tamkang University is the recognized leading private university in Taiwan, with the longest history and the fastest rate of development. It was the first university in Taiwan to employ the system of total quality management (TQM), which serves to enhance the quality of teaching, research, service, and counseling provided by a university. It has subsequently received a number of related accolades, including the 19th National Quality Award.

Tamkang's success owes to its 'Triple Objectives of Education', which involves a focus on globalization, as well as information and future-oriented education. TKU's Junior Abroad Program was the first of its kind in Taiwan and to date has seen over 6,000 Tamkang students travel overseas for a year of exchange; Tamkang is one of the primary providers of English-taught tertiary courses in Taiwan, offering over 800 such courses in a range of academic fields; while the TKU Lanyang Campus is the only university campus in Taiwan to offer an exclusively English learning environment.

As the first-established private schools of higher education, TKU now has four campuses: the Tamsui Campus (the main campus), the Taipei Campus, the Lanyang Campus, and the Cyber Campus. It comprises 8 colleges, 52 departments, 46 masters programs, 18 doctoral programs, and has a total student enrollment of more than 27,000, more than 2,100 faculty and staff members, and over 250,000 alumni. 

Since its inception, Tamkang University has been Taiwan’s foremost advocate for the globalization of education. It has forged sister school relationships with a staggering 184 sister universities in 34 countries, and is now home to more than 1,600 overseas students from 70 countries.

School introduction

Tamkang University is

  • The largest and most recognized private university in Taiwan
  • Ranked No.1 private university by 2,000 Taiwanese enterprises for 18 consecutive years
  • Honored with the “Teaching Excellence Project” by MOE for 6 consecutive years
  • The only university in Taiwan to receive the MOE’s 2013 Friendly Campus Award
  • Home to more than 1,600 overseas students from 70 different countries
  • Awarded Prize of Excellence in the Evaluation of Campus Internationalization by MOE

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