ESIT Introduction

The Elite Study in Taiwan Project Office (ESIT) is commissioned by the Ministry of Education and is located at Chung Yuan Christian University in Chungli, Taoyuan -a mid-size city in northern Taiwan. Its purpose is to provide necessary services for the higher education cooperation that exists between Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries as well as to create new opportunities. The Leader of ESIT program is Dr. Wan-Lee Cheng, the former President of Chung Yuan Christian University. The Office Director is Dr. Po-Tsang Huang, Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial and System Engineering, the Co-Leader is Dr. Wei-Jung Shiang, of Chung Yuan Christian University Department of Industrial and System Engineering.

ESIT has brought together 68 of Taiwan's universities and colleges to form the ESIT Consortium, members of which will offer English-language master's and doctorate programs in various fields. Part of its role will be to provide a bridge between the students of Southeast Asian countries and the ESIT Consortium schools and allow more students who hope to come to Taiwan to study to learn more about Taiwan's high quality higher education system and assist the Consortium schools promote the their programs.

In order to promote higher education cooperation between Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries and further the objective of training international professionals, the ESIT has created a program for mutual development for Southeast Asia. For instance, under the agreement with Vietnam there are currently four major programs aimed at training professionals. Of these in the north of Vietnam there is the VEST 500; in the central Danang area there is a program aimed at selecting certain candidates for study abroad; in the far south there is the Mekong 1000 Project. There is also a program designed to assist the Indonesian Government with public funded students who will be sent to Taiwan for education purposes as well as a project aimed at assisting the Aceh Provincial government with training professionals. Furthermore, Taiwan and Thailand have the Elite 600 Project ; and in addition to these the ESIT is also currently moving forward with other areas of cooperation with Southeast Asian countries.

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